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Air Conditioning

What is Air Conditioning?

In warm or humid conditions, AC systems control ventilation & temperatures by removing heat from inside your home / business.

How does an AC system work?

The purpose of an AC system is to blow cool air into your confined space by pulling the heat out of the air. This system is called the Refrigerant Cycle, which has four major components:

1. Evaporator Coil

The air is cooled by blowing it over a set of cold pipes called evaporator coils. These coils are filled with a liquid called refrigerant. The refrigerant then changes from liquid form to a gas, while absorbing heat from the air. The refrigerant is then pumped outside the house to another coil called the condenser.

2. Condenser Coils

This outside coil is called the condenser because the high pressure refrigerant vapor releases heat through the coils and condenses the refrigerant from a gas back to liquid form.

AC Condenser Diagram

3. Compressor

The compressor is a pump that is used to move the refrigerant from the evaporator to the condenser coil. The compressor also pressurizes the refrigerant vapor so that all the refrigerant evaporates or condenses in the appropriate coils.

4. Metering Device

The metering device provides a pressure drop point holding refrigerant in a condensed state and releasing it in the evaporator. This regulates pressure and temperature of the refrigerant between the condenser and evaporative coil.

Ductwork Matters

In heating, ventilation, & AC (HVAC), ductwork is very important. It is used for the forced transportation of air. That includes the supplied air inside your home, whether it be cold or hot, the return & dispersion of the conditioned air throughout your home. Duct leakage can sap 20-40% of the energy out of even a well operating air conditioner. That is why it's always best to call the professionals at BHI to diagnose your system.


  • AC Diagnostic
  • Check / Replace Filters
  • Repair / Replace Condenser
  • Repair Leaks
  • Check / Replace Ductwork
  • New AC Installation
  • Repair / Replace Thermostats
  • Charge Refrigerant
  • Inspect / Replace Blower Motor