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Cast iron pipe has been used for decades and tends to become corroded over time. Corrosion can be caused from normal use such as contact with moisture and rusting that will naturally occur. As time goes on, these issues tend to worsen and the pipe becomes weaker.

The pipes are in constant contact with water and the water will cause rust naturally. Rust not only looks corrosive, but causes blockages and slows down the rate at which the water flows through the pipes. This can cause the pipes to back up or drastically slow the water flow. Descaling uses a rotating cable with attachments at the end to help scrape off the corrosion from the inner walls of the pipe. It is important to utilize the descaler instead of a jetter because with time, the corrosion of the cast iron will greatly weaken the strength of the pipes and a jetter can further this issue. The descaling process is specifically designed for cast iron pipes and as shown below, produces the best results possible.

Before and After Descaling:

Rust Corrosion: