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Leak Detection

Leak Detection

Water leaks can cause both property damage as well as a financial burden. Sometimes you can hear water running when you know it shouldn't be. In this case it could be very likely that you are experiencing a water leak somewhere throughout the line. Although you may be able to hear the water, it is not as easy to detect where the exact location of the leak is. This is where BHI can help. We offer leak detection through sound/pressure technology that can narrow down the location of the leak. This helps drastically with repair and leads our technicians into non- invasive and cost-effective solutions that couldn't be done otherwise. Here at BHI we want to see our customers satisfied and assured that their problem is fully taken care of. We also love providing our customers with knowledge themselves so that they are in full understanding as to where the problem lies and the best way to repair or fix it.

Some signs to look for when dealing with a water leak are:

  • You can hear running water when nothing is on
  • You can visibly see water spots surfacing
  • You can feel warm spots throughout your floor
  • Your water bill is abnormally high