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Why is Plumbing Important?

Many homeowners tend to overlook the plumbing in their home without realizing that it is essential to their daily lives. This includes cooking, drinking, personal hygiene and removal of waste from homes. Keeping up with the plumbing in your home is without a doubt very important, and will save you a lot of money in the long run. Plumbing consists of a wide variety of applications including, water and gas lines, fixtures, ventilation, storage tanks, and sanitation. If you are having any sort of plumbing problem, immediate attention should be paid to ensure that the problem does not persist or worsen with time.

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  • Sewer & Drain Cleaning - Main line - any Household Stoppages
  • Faucets - Repair / Replacement
  • Water Heaters - Repair / Replacement
  • Toilets - Repair / Replacement
  • Electronic Leak Detection
  • Garbage Disposal - Repair / Replacement
  • Septic Tank Installation
  • Septic Tank Conversions to City Sewer Lines
  • Broken Sewer Line Repairs or Replacement
  • Hydro Jetting
  • Video Pipe Inspection
  • Electronic Line Location

Main Line Sewer & Drain Stoppage

How can you tell when you have a main line sewer stoppage? A main line connects your plumbing to your city's municipal sewer line or septic tank. When a main line sewer is clogged, the first signs you will start to notice is in your toilet, bathtubs, and showers; their pathway is directly to the sewer as well as being the closest to the ground than any sinks in your home. Eventually, these and other plumbing fixtures in your home will start to back up with grey or used water, which is quite often a gross sight to see, and not to mention hazardous to you and your family. To confirm a mainline stoppage is done by checking your homes clean out. Clean outs are usually located in a home's exterior, a 3-4 inch pipe extending from the ground with a noticable cap. The cap is removed and if there is visible water or overflowing, you know you have a problem.

Here are some of the most common causes to main line stoppages

  • Foreign objects.
  • Root infested pipes.
  • Years of built up grease & sludge.