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Pipe Piercing

Pipe Piercing

Pipe piercing is a similar concept to pipe bursting. The difference is that with pipe piercing, there is no existing pipe in the ground prior to the process. Pipe piercing is a simple process that utilizes a piercing tool that is sized to match the preferred hole diameter as well as an air compressor. There is also an entry and exit pit that is needed which is measured out to 10 times the diameter of the piercing tool. The process of pipe piercing is so:

  • Once the pit is dug, piercing tools are powered by the compressor
  • Piercing tool is now positioned into the entry pits making sure it is level to the ground and aligned with the exit pit as well
  • The piercing tool is then pushed from the entry pit to the exit and is pushed with compressed air
  • Once this hole is made, the pipe can be placed into the hole